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Birthdate:Nov 18
Location:Burnaby, BC, Canada
I'm just me, really. If you want the whole story, build a time machine and go back in time and become my best friend from the time I was born. Actually, that's not a bad idea. My life would have been a bit different if I'd had such a friend.

However, I'm happy enough with my life the way it was. My user info used to be really boring and I can't imagine that this change will liven it up that much. However, I have asked for testimonials from people who have, for one reason or another, friended me. In no particular (but not random) order, and completely unedited and unexpurgated, they are:
[info]zargon: "Green belted, ass-kickin', naked Mac user."

[info]miravaz: "Rainbowk - Now with super action grip!"

[info]babboo: " with 35% less cooties."

[info]winterlion: "Rainbowk - Friendly, cheerful and also really incredibly busy."

[info]zargon: "If you haven't seen Rainbowk naked, you need to come out to more nude swims."

[info]miravaz: "Rainbowk - With the smile that cures cancer!
Do not use if - clinically insane, have back injuries, addiction problems, low blood presure, or lack a sense of humour. May cause side effects. Not tested on animals. Consult your physician)"

[info]rainbowsjourney: "If you haven't seen Rainbowk naked, you haven't been paying attention."

[info]winterlion: "RainbowK - Able to leap tall conversations with amazing agility."

[info]zargon: "Tastes great! More fulfilling!"

[info]breklor: "She's shiny and she's fluffy, yet her adamantium core enables her to generate 2,550 psi of raw crushing pressure and withstand small arms fire! Hug a rainbowk today!"

[info]miravaz: "Rainbowk - The Genuine McCoy! Accept no substitutes!"

[info]winterlion: "Kicks @$$ and chews bubblegum. Or maybe not the bubblegum...."

[info]zargon: "Rainbowk ... where to go for your local expert on rape culture."

[info]carocrow: "I have a feeling Rainbow K is much better for you than Special K."

[info]miravaz: "Rainbowk - Bigger hands, for better massages!!"

[info]zargon: "Owns all Zombies(tm) games, and some!"

[info]miravaz: "I remember when I was young, and my mom would come home after work every day. She was so tired. I didn't appreciate it then, but now I can remember her weary look every day. My dad would come home soon after as he had a little longer to drive, and sometimes he would bring home Rainbowk. Rainbowk was a family tradition. She'd come in with my dad, and we'd all sit in front of the fireplace as she sang songs, and slowly massaged away the tensions. Sometimes, she'd even show me and Jimmy some of those Karate moves she knew, just so that the Johnston brothers would stop pushing us around for lunch money. We didn't care that she didn't come with clothes, she was such a beautiful person... we just couldn't believe God would send her to hell. I miss those evenings in front of the fire with Rainbowk, Jimmy, mom and dad."
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